Good Job George Will!

June 1, 2009

My parents saw George Will on one of the Sunday morning shows and liked what he had to say.  According to them, he said something like the government [Obama] forcing its car company to make smaller cars that people don’t want to buy isn’t a good idea.   Though, my Mom correctly pointed out, unless the government forces us to buy them. 

Good job to Mr. Will for saying something that got some people who don’t live and breathe politics to stop and think and, perhaps, make them question their “we’re heading in the right direction” thinking with a little, “maybe this isn’t such a good idea.” 

Or maybe they’re starting to get the vaguest notion that we are talking about our liberty and the government “for the people and by the people” is  overreaching and people like George Will are going to be needed to shed light on that. 

Whatever it is, we need more of that.


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