When Did Lying Become Acceptable?

June 10, 2009

Many believed Bush lied to get Congress to approve going to Iraq.  If he did, it was wrong and unacceptable.

Why isn’t the same standard applied to President Barack Obama?

According to this news story, “President Barack Obama said on Monday accelerated stimulus spending would create or save 600,000 jobs over the next 100 days…”.  Chief Economist Jared Bernstein said the same in his remarks on Monday.

Why might this be a lie?

  • There’s no good way to measure it.
  • There’s no good way determine the net effect – or how many of these jobs are just shifted from private sector to public sector or destroyed.

Presenting as if there’s no doubt this creates or saves 600,000 jobs is either  dishonest or ignorance, neither attribute I find acceptable in a leader.

It would be better to say “we believe this will create or save 600,000 jobs.” Even better, “based on our economic model estimates (which aren’t nearly as accurate as models used for predicting weather), this accelerated spending will create or save 600,000 jobs.”

Neither of those statements elicit confidence.  But, I’m not interested in being conned.  I’d rather  know where they get their numbers so I can decide for myself.


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