Fix Pre Existing Condition

September 16, 2009

President Obama proposes to fix the problem of health insurance companies not providing coverage to people with pre existing conditions by forcing insurance companies to cover these people.  Of course, this means that premiums increase for everyone else.  Someone has to pay.

This problem and solution exemplifies the rickety, Rube Goldberg device existing government involvement has made out of the medical and health insurance industries. Rather than continuing to make the device more complex, expensive and prone to collapse, why not fix the root cause of this problem?

What’s the root cause of this problem?

The tax advantage companies have in purchasing health insurance plans over individuals.  Without this tax advantage, the health insurance industry would look more like the auto and home insurance industries.  We’d buy policies directly from insurers instead of being covered by employers and stay with those companies much longer.

In the last fifteen years, I’ve changed my health insurance provider ten times, twice due to changing employment and the other times due to my company changing providers or me switching from one plan to another within the company.  Luckily I haven’t had a pre existing condition to worry about.

I use the same auto and home insurance company I used fifteen years ago, same agent too.  My choice to stay with this company has been wholly independent of my employer.

I wouldn’t need to worry about pre existing conditions much if I were able to stay with the same health insurance for that long.


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