Changing your mind isn’t a bad thing.  It can be hard.  

It intrigues me how differently I view things that I was once adamant about.   I usually don’t know when or why I changed my mind.  It may be the way someone says something, it might be the random occurrence of events or it might be something I’ve finally realized on my own because I’ve lived it.  It might be a new piece of data.  It can be anything.  It can be subtle.  It can be bold.  It can be quick or it might take years.  It might go back and forth.  I could be wrong. 

Good sales people are good at changing others’ minds, at least with the product they sell.  So are good politicians, businesspeople, authors, presenters and so forth.  Having the ability to change minds can be powerful and dangerous.

This site is about those things that I find have the potential to change minds.

About Me

I started my working life as an electrical engineer.  I earned a night school business degree and switched to finance.  I’ve worked in many areas of finance (outsiders might find it tough to believe finance has many areas) and I’ve also worked in business operations and strategy. 

I read books, blogs, magazines and watch TV .  I like to learn.  I early on recognized that most problems would be traced back to a problem in a feedback mechanism, which were the best words I could use to describe the phenomena and derived from my electrical engineering background.  A former boss got me in touch with systems thinking, a field started by a former electrical engineer named Jay Forrester.  I soon realized that there was an even better, less technical word for systems thinking, economics.

I like these fields, which may all be the same field, I’m not sure, because they satisfy a desire I have to get to the root of a problem.  I like to understand root causes.  I think understanding root causes to problems can make life better for all of us. 

I’ve had the good fortune to work closely with, observe and learn from people ranging from the front lines, people who dig ditches and fix things, to those who occupy the executive suites.   People who hail from esteemed institutions and those who’ve knocked about in life.


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